AI in healthcare
Artificial Intelligence has long been a concept carrying tremendous promise, with seemingly limitless potential to increase industry efficiency and improve lives on a global scale.
In recent years, this dream has been approaching a reality and since the mid-2000’s companies have begun implementing increasingly sophisticated machine learning techniques to significantly mitigate and, in some cases, eliminate inefficiencies in the current healthcare system. These innovations have accelerated growth of the AI in healthcare industry, and engendered enthusiasm and hope in consumers and patients alike. As AI becomes more prevalent in our healthcare system the AAIH will work to collaboratively resolve key considerations, including but not limited to:

  • Development and standardization of the industry definition of AI. Address how it can be applied to existing industries to reduce risk and improve outcomes.
  • The field of AI is often in the news, but there is a risk of AI being over-hyped. AAIH will work to maintain industry interest and momentum, while setting clear and pragmatic expectations for AI. AAIH will assist in addressing what in the news cycle is hype and what is real.
  • The AAIH partnership will craft industry initiatives and cultivate partnerships to educate regulators and legislators on AI and facilitate generation of constructive policies and regulation which will foster industry growth.
  • The AAIH will work through its members to create collaborative solutions on improving accessibility of AI derived healthcare products to all demographics. A key point of consideration for clinical and commercial application is to ensure that that market access does not become rate limiting to industry growth.
  • Essential regulations need to be established for the use and implementation of AI in biomedical discovery and patient care, and AAIH will lead efforts on industry partnerships with regulator bodies on this process.
  • AAIH will work with industry and academic partners to educate the general populace on AI so that as potential consumers of AI powered products they trust the core process and technology with their health and well-being.
The AAIH is a coalition of technology developers, pharmaceutical companies, and research organizations who have expressed the common goal of realizing the potential for AI in healthcare to significantly improve quality of care, but who also recognize that these, and other, difficult questions must be considered. We are acting as a forum for these key conversations and providing a unified voice of the industry in established responsible, ethical, and reasonable standards for the development and implementation of AI in healthcare.
ai in healthcare
AAIH Mandate and Goals
  • Develop appropriate regulations and industry guidance
  • Seek engagement with appropriate stakeholders
  • Interface with Government & NGO’s on growth of AI in healthcare industry
  • Stimulate data sharing and open access to key findings
  • Set a model and testing approach for quality control and use of standards
  • Establish accreditation authority and/or affiliation with academic organizations
  • Educate general populace, industry stakeholders, and government on value of AI and Machine Learning
  • Prioritize and tailor forums for regulators, payors, providers, and other end‐users as well as patients, the public, and media
  • Produce informative and reliable industry reports

Mission Statement
AAIH is the global advocacy organization for the advancement and use of artificial intelligence in healthcare to improve patients’ lives and create more efficient, sustainable, and accessible healthcare systems.  Through investment, invention, and innovation in AI, the AAIH and its member companies and organizations are creating novel interventions and product solutions that reduce failure rates and costs while improving quality across the entire healthcare spectrum.